Want To Scrap Metal? 4 Common Types Of Metal That Will Bring In Money

If you are thinking about making some money from scrapping metal, it is important to be aware of the most common types of metals that come into the scrapyard and the type of metals that the scrap yard is looking for. Knowing the core scrap metals will help you get your side hustle going.

#1: Steel

When it comes to scrap metal, steel is one of the primary types of scrap metal that most people find and bring in. It is easy to identify steel because a magnet will stick to the metal.

When it comes to weight, steel is one of the heavier metals that is commonly scrapped and is often found on bigger items, such as a washing machine or a refrigerator. Steel is an affordable resource, which means it is abundant out in the world, and there are lots of places where you can find steel metal items to turn into some cash.

#2: Aluminum

Right after steel in commonness is aluminum. Aluminum is a little trick in that it comes in many different grades. This ultimately means that different grades of aluminum will bring in different amounts of money. Aluminum to the naked eye can look like steel; the difference, though, is that a magnet is never going to stick to an aluminum surface, so if you are not sure if you have found scrap steel or aluminum, pull out a magnet to solve this mystery. Once again, like with steel, you can find aluminum on things as large as a car hood or as small as a picture frame.

#3: Copper

Copper is one of the more popular metals to scrap due to the value that it brings in. Cooper is one of the more valuable scrap metals, as it is always in demand and has a high value. It can take a little more effort to extract, though. You can sometimes find solid copper items, with old plumbing pipes being one of the most recognizable copper items.

You can also find copper inside various types of electrical cords, from extension cords to computer cables. It can take a little effort to extract the copper from these items to scrap it, but it is usually worth it for the payout.

#4: Brass

Finally, there is brass. Brass items are also easy to find. You can often find brass scrap metal in plumbing and electrical items. Brass tends to have a green look to it over time. It tends to generate a good price as well, as it is a little less common than the other three metals discussed above.

When it comes to scrap metal, the scrap metals you can most easily find, scrap, and earn money for include steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

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