How To Recycle Those Old Laptops That Are Piling Up In The Closet

If you like to keep up with the latest technology, then you probably buy a new laptop every few years. You might have old laptops pushed aside that you don't know what to do with. There are several ways you can recycle an old laptop, whether it works or not. First, be sure to wipe your personal data from the laptop and uninstall programs registered to you so you can install them on your new laptop. Then, pick one of these easy ways to recycle your old laptops.

Check With Your Local Schools And Colleges

Your local high school, trade school or college may offer classes in computer repair and need old laptops for students to work on. By donating your old computers, you'll put them to good use and help kids train for a future occupation. Schools may also want laptops in good shape for use in the classroom or to give students for home use when their family can't afford to buy a computer.

Call Your Local Recycling Or Sanitation Department

Your city's waste management office may collect old laptops for recycling. However, you'll probably need to deliver them in person to the center or to a remote location during a laptop recycling drive. You might be able to place your laptops on the curb and have the city pick them up for a fee. Just don't place electronic equipment in your recycling container or garbage can if your city prohibits it. Most places want to keep laptops out of the landfill due to issues with heavy metals that leach into the soil.

Donate The Laptops To A Thrift Store

Your local thrift store may accept used laptops that work, and some may even accept computers that don't work if they have an arrangement to be a recycling drop-off center for an electronics manufacturer. If you want to donate your laptops but don't have a thrift store nearby, then consider placing a free classified ad to give them away to someone who will come pick them up.

Turn Your Laptops In At An Electronics Store

Big name electronic stores usually accept old computers, even if they don't work. They may refurbish them when possible and sell them used. Some electronic stores may even offer a buyback program where you get credit toward a new laptop when you turn in your old one.

There are several good options for recycling a laptop so you won't be tempted to throw it in the garbage and send it to a landfill. Find a location near you that accepts old computer equipment even if it isn't working, and getting rid of your laptops is as easy as dropping them off and walking away.