Make Holiday Stars From Recycled Cans

If you are a DIYer, one of the best parts of the holidays is coming up with all of the projects that you will be able to adorn your home with throughout the holidays. It is really rewarding to look around and know that you made the beautiful things that you are surrounded by. It is even better when you are able to make these things from low cost, or no cost materials such as cans from cans recycling. The good news is, you can. Here is a great holiday craft that can be constructed from aluminum cans.

Holiday Stars

It does not matter if you celebrate Christmas, or Hanukkah. Stars play a significant role. Both the six sided Star of David, as well as the Christmas star in the Christian faith are easy to construct. When made out of aluminum you will be able to enjoy them for years to come. 

Before you can make any type of crafts that involve aluminum cans, you must first create a flat sheet of metal by opening up your cans

Materials needed:

  • Kevlar Gloves (or other types of gloves designed to protect against cuts)
  • Safety goggles
  • Aluminum scissors or snips
  • Aluminum soda cans
  • Optional Can opener (type that removes the entire top)

Always remember when working with aluminum cans to use goggles for your eyes, and gloves for your hands. Aluminum can be very sharp, and you will not want to get any slivers in your eyes. 

Clean your cans out and allow them to dry.

Remove the tabs from your cans but save them. You can use them for other crafts later, or donate them to the Ronald McDonald house. They recycle pop tabs in their fund raising efforts. This allows them to provide a home for families of sick children in many cities throughout the country.

If using a can opener, remove the top of your drink can. If not, use the points of your snips, or scissors to make a small indention at the top of your drink can at the ridge line. If you are not going to paint your can, you will want to make this hole on the side where the writing is. This will allow you to preserve the front of your can. Remove the top of your can at the ridge line in order for it to lay flat.

Cut the top off of your can, and then cut down the side of your can. Once you reach the bottom, remove that as well. 

Once your top and bottom are removed, smooth out your can. It is then ready to work with.

In addition to the above materials to make your stars you will need:

  • Drill and drill bit to make a small hole
  • Five point star pattern or six point pattern
  • Ruler
  • Sharpie marker
  • Stylus or some of type of aluminum scoring tool (you can even use an empty ball point pen)
  • Heavy duty emery board, or fine sand paper

Use your pattern to trace your star pattern directly only your aluminum. How many you are able to get out of each can will depend on the size of the stars you are creating. Use your scissors, or snips to cut your stars out. 

File or sand any sharp, or ragged edges. They are beautiful and can be used in your decorations just like this. You can leave them the color of the drink can, or use a spray paint to paint them the color of your choice. You may also consider placing a small hole in the center and placing them on a string of lights. The lights will reflect nicely against the red, green, or silver aluminum. 

If you want to add dimension:

If you want to add dimension to your five point star, use your stylus, or scoring tool to mark the exact center of your star. 

Use your scoring tool and draw a straight line from the center of your star to the end of each point, as well as to each V between the points. When you are finished, you should have a total of ten lines drawn.

Flip your star over and score the reverse side of your star the exact same way. 

To fold your star, you must know that the lines that go from the center of your star to the end of your points will create a mountain fold on the front of your star. The lines that go from the center to V in between your points will create a valley on your star. 

Use the edge of your ruler to help you to create neat, even folds.

This is just one of many projects you will be able to complete with your recycled soda cans. With a little imagination, the sky is the limit.